Predict F1 Race Results
Win 1500€ worth of prizes!

Predict race results

Predict race outcomes for each driver. Guess the best teammates for each team. Speculate on the number of DNFs.









Beat your friends

Play against others. Outsmart them with your predictions. Fight for the top positions and prizes.

Pos. Username Total
1 Sam B.Y 231
2 TommySurf 222
3 Pablo_C 216

Win Prizes

Compete against the top players for amazing prizes. Check out the prize pool here! Competition started at the Bahrain Grand Prix.


A modern, balanced and inclusive gameplay.
Designed by F1 fantasy players for F1 fans.


We are a community of F1Fantasy players with seasons of playing experience. Collectively, we aspire to build the most engaging F1 guessing game and believe this can only be done hand in hand as a community.

We believe in brainstorming, quick iteration & A/B testing, all fueled by direct user feedback.


Keeping the game meta-free is our number one priority. This game will expect, from you, strong opinions about every driver. Top players will also stand out by correctly estimating other side-matters such as how likely DNFs are.

Unlike more traditional fantasy games, there is no team building under pricing constraints, which often leads to narrow-meta games.

Down to the wire

In a season-long game, the points gap between top players and the middle of the pack widens. This leads many players to stop playing after a few races.

We designed comeback mechanics to fix this issue while still remaining fair to the top players.

For everyone. And yes, you too.


Expect point updates just a few seconds after a race ends.


Predictions carry over from one race to the next in case you miss it.

The Distracted

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The Developers

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UI Lovers

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F1Fantasy players

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