Our game is community-driven, join our Discord server to brainstorm on future iterations of the gameplay with us. Our main principles are: balance, engagement, simplicity & being data-driven.


100 points

Each race's score is normalized to 100 points.
This allows us to change the scoring formula from one race to another based on community feedback.
Each race weights the same in terms of points.

70 points

Attributed to predicting the correct drivers' order at the end of the race.

# of positions off the actual result Points out of 70
0 3.5
1 3
2 2.6
3 2.2
4 1.8
5 1.5
6 1.2
7 0.9
8 0.6
9 0.3
10+ 0
20 points

Attributed to predicting the winner of each teammate battle, 2 points per team.

5 points

Attributed to predicting the correct count of DNFs.
2 points attributed, if the prediction is off by one.

5 points

Attributed to predicting the correct Driver Of The Day.



Competition is organized in leagues, where each player can score up to 100 points per race. You may join a league after it has started, and before it ends, if you played during all the races for which the league is active.

P Pos. Player
1 Manne Naumanen 618455675960626551
2 Tiago Devos 637854695660605953
3 David Santos 627551705459625643

There are three types of leagues

Global league

The early adopters league, a global league that started when the game officially launched, in Zandvoort.

Regular leagues

All players are also free to create leagues with their friends or community. These can either be public or private. Invite links for private leagues are individual.

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